Maciej Grąbczewski

 +48 694 132 847

Guided tours - Szczecin, Berlin, Ruegen, Pomerania

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Your unusual guide in Szczecin

Maciej Grąbczewski

Fall in love with Szczecin !

Call me and ask about my availability!

Tel. +48 694 132 847

I invite you for a unique walk along the streets of Szczecin.

I guarantee:

- good atmosphere

- lots of interesting information (adjusted to the age of the group)

- games and activities for children

- full flexibility to the expectations and needs of the group


Do you want to try local delicacies?  You've come to the right place ! For me, guided tours are not only information about the city - it is combination of sounds, smells and visual sensations. It all creates a collage of memories and impressions that you will take with you from Szczecin.


During the sightseeing you will see the most important places in Szczecin: Chrobry enbankment with an impressive view at the Oder, the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes, which remembers the oldest princes from the Gryfit family, the Philharmonic, that made the city famous all over the world, baroque city gates guarding the city against invaders and many, many more.


You will also see unusual places - the signs of the masonic lodges or cranesaurs. You will find out, where the two tsarinas were born. You will know the similarities between Szczecin and Paris. At the end we will reach the stars - with all benefits coming from the space.


Would you like to see Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Ruegen or Western Pomerania? That is great - I feel there at home.


Call me and ask for the earliest possible date - it will be an honor for me to show you the beauty of Szczecin.